The Success Formula

“It’s a numbers game,” they told me.

No. They were wrong. It was not a Numbers Game because I didn’t want Quantity. I wanted Precise Quality. It’s prioritizing the Quality and Strategy to control the Quality of results to decrease wasted time and effort, which can and will waste and deplete resources. And that is how you stay poor. You exhaust yourself playing “The Numbers Game” while you deplete your resources.

Risk + Attempts Made : Higher Probability of Success = Success.

The Numbers Game is a guaranteed lose-lose unless you have substantial savings (stored resources) going in to float you until achieve success. It is a High Risk, Low ROI.

The Smart Game is different.

Defined Target + [Matched Message + Quantity of Quality Actions Taken] : Higher Probability of Success = Success.

In most cases, you will end up with low quality results, depleted resources, and toxic relationships. This is how Poor Men Fish.  

When you network, you can cast a net, but you’ll get a whole lot of everything.

When you fish, you strategically design the bate to catch the precise fish. Only, you’re fishing for the Salmon of Knowledge. The Mythical Unicorn. This way, you reduce risk, increase ROI, target the precise fish you desire, spending less time and resources, and you are almost guaranteed to get the fish you want, regardless of how rare it is.

This is The Rich Men Formula and the Success Formula I have been looking for, but there is a catch. A single vital catch. To attract High Quality Fish, you have to speak the Language. And that Language is unknown in this world and is so rare most people have not heard it.

Today, I cracked the code. I found it. And now, I can design the bate to lure the Salmon of Knowledge.

We will be covering this in my Business/Entrepreneur Triadic Healing Course as well as the Cultivator’s Course under Networking and Communications.

“My father believed that Christ was a Fisherman, and that he was a Fly Fisherman.” – A River Runs Through It

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