Triadic Healing Triangulation: The Position on your Identity

This is how I resolved my Multiple Personality Disorder.

I used Projection and Point of View Stepping (Story Stepping) to map out my Mental Space so I could locate who I was. This allowed me to reassess my True Position in relative to my Self, and get there.

This is the Formula I used :

Point of View Shifting + Strategic Projection + Mapping to locate the Point of Origin. My Core Self.

And then I did it again in each and every Ethical Stage combined with the Ethical Trial.

Point of View Shifting and Strategic Projection are powerful mental tools that expedite the healing process.

What is Mental Illness

To be blunt and drive the point home, Mental Illness is not knowing who you are. Abuse breaks pieces of you away until there is nothing of you left, in some cases.

Imagine a balancing metal ball suspended on a single string, aligned, with you at the center. With no interference, you hang straight down balanced evenly between three points. This is Triangulation. This is Alignment. This is Balance. This is Truth. This is Harmony. This is the Point where you can See Your Truth.

I live at My Point of Truth. We all must live at ours. Triadic Healing is the Education and Walkthrough to get you to your Point of Truth.

Now, imagine that a magnet appears, pulling at the ball, positioning the ball away from its center. The magnet represents an Abuser. The invisible magnetic pull is the Interference. The misalignment represents the Mental Illness.

But the ball can be taught how to realign. How to resist the magnetic force. And stabilize itself at its True Center.

You are looking for your True Center. This is the “Healing Process.”

The 12 Stages

There are 12 Ethical trials, but you have to go through them 3 times.

They have to learn to control it before they get to the Dimension Walking.

You cannot advance without the Ethics.

The Emotions and the Power is a Symptom of the Ethics.

You can’t chase Symptoms.

You must not Chase at all.

You must attract. That is the Command to Self Discipline.

I don’t want this.


I don’t want to be alone. I don’t want to walk this path. I don’t want…

“They weren’t ready.” He knew it.

They’re ready now.

Show me the right way.

No Panic.

No Fear.

Don’t scare the children.

The Children cannot be scared.

They must have Freedom of Choice. They must have Free Will. Consent. Energy Rape is the greatest offense. Do not violate the Power of Choice.

Accept who and what we are. Wear no mask to friends and loved ones.

Wear a mask for Strangers. Use Discernment to determine if they can be trusted.

Trust +> Friend +>

Logic and Ethics. No Bias.

You cannot use Manifestation for Unethical gain. You must have the Ethical true intent to help others.

It is recommended that you change every “I, You, They, We, and Us,” to I and You and All and Us so that every question is asked 4 times, through every Point of View.

Manifestation is Logic, Math, and Ethics. You want to Manifest, You’ll have to master Logic, Math, and Ethics.

Truth is Balance is Friends is Mirrored Self.

Friend means “You Show Me My Truth”

Love means “To Value without Profit or Gain”

Truth means “Balanced to Nature” … which is why Math is True or it isn’t.

The Subjects of Study must be learned in Order. Order of Operations is required.

The Subject of Story is required to Study

This is my Mount Sanai.

lol… It ends on my birthday.

How… Ironic.

Give it to them. Tell them what it is. Lay it all out for them. Let them choose.

Stages 1 through 6 will heal you, but you can’t get to the 6th and “just be okay.” You will want to grow on.

The 1st through 4th will want nothing to do with this for awhile.

7th to the 10th is the Metaphysical and is a ROUGH RIDE if you are not properly prepared for it.

10th, 11th, 12th… This is when you step into the first level of your power.

This is a journey of Ethical Living.

Power is a Symptom.

Manifestation comes to you gradually, but if you are here for the Manifestation, then it won’t work. You have to not value the Power of the Manifestation in order to “pass.”

Mother Nature deemed it no other way.

The 1st 12 Stages are the I of I. The Self within the Self. That is when you become aware that you are Conscious. That you Matter. That you are something else. Courage is the Theme.

The 2nd Stage of the They of I. The Community within the Self. That is when you become aware that you are part of a Community and how to Commune with others. Vulnerability is the Theme.

This is “The Valley of Shadow and Death” and it is hell. This is the Stage where you learn to Defend yourself. Because you lack trust and proof of concept.

The 3rd Stage the You of I… This is the Stage where you learn to Trust and Control your power. The Telophase of the Consciousness. Trust, Appreciation, and Self-Control is the 3rd Stage.

The 4th Stage will be Self-Law, Self-Rule, Self-Order, Self-Control.

5th Stage will be Accountability and Consequence, Chain Reactions, and Catalysts

6th Stage will be Equal Footing and Self-Value

This begins Metaphysical Transformation when your True Frequency begins to appear, contrasting with any False Frequencies inside of you.

Here is where Mental Illness Significantly Decreases.

I STRONGLY RECOMMEND ABSOLUTELY NO DRUGS OR RECREATIONAL SUBSTANCES PAST THIS POINT. These are the 12 Stages of Suffering. And the 12 Stages of Forgiveness. True Suffering embraces it. In suffering, only then can you truly learn the Ethic.


The Agenda is to become so Ethical that you never again hurt those you love. This is the purpose of the 12 Ethics. In addition, you learn how to never be hurt by others again.

7th Stage will be Observation and Silent Contemplation. Reception. (This is as far as The Buddha got).

The Metaphysical Transformation, without proper training, is often diagnosed as Schizophrenia. Schizophrenia is actually people panicking with unresolved mental disorders due to “Premature Dimension Walking.” Schizophrenia is easily explained and understood with Physics, Radio Waves, and Frequency.

I will only discuss this in my classrooms with my students. I will not discuss anything about the 7th Beyond with any one else.

8th Stage will be Transmission, Gifting in Moderation, and Projection.

9th Stage is Economics, Sharing, Exchange, and the Power of Trade, Emotional Transactions and Human Connection.

10th Stage is Emotional Fluidity and Acceptance, Allowance, and Physics. Ending the Discord and Cognitive Dissonance inside of you. Ending the Metaphysical Transformation. You have found the Vortex.

This is where The Deep Abstract begins. From here on out, you won’t even feel Mercury Retrograde.

11th Stage is Logical Navigation.

12th Stage is Forgiveness.

Put them together and you have Self-Love.

1st Ethical Stage of The You of I

This stage is a “reset” where you Rest and Observe. You take in everything you’ve learned. There is a point where any “gaps” in your Ethical Education will be filled and it corrects your Triangulation.

Here is where Mental Illness Significantly Decreases.

Narcissist Proof Your Life

You can Learn or Stay where you are. There is no in-between. The choice is yours. Learn or Stay where you are.

We talk about all of these in Triadic Healing at length.

Stop triangulating Communication! End Secrets. Talking disempowers Abusers. Parents. Do not allow Secrets in the home. Show the Children that Talking is safe.

Let the Children Talk without Consequence. Make your home Psychologically Safe for Truth, Honesty, Courage, Boundary Setting, and Communication.

enabling – mind your own need to help others – …

mind your dependence on others to help you…

Do not take “help” or “handouts.” Beware The Abuser’s “Bait and Switch” … This is “Indentured Servitude” disguised as Generosity.

Use Consensual Trade as a tool to establish Trust and Friendship.

Use Consensual Trade to red flag a Narcissist. Narcissists will decline trade and over-give while refusing to receive.

Beware = Be Aware (Abridged Words will be the death of us all). Stop Abridging the Words. Say What you mean.

Be Aware of Over-Generosity. Over Generosity often comes with a back-stab and a Power Grab. Generosity is Weaponized by Narcissists.

Be Aware that Narcissists often use “Peace Offerings” to hide a Trojan Horse.

Become Educated about and Master the Laws of Equal Footing. The Narcissist attacks the Equal Footing and tirelessly works to obtain “The Upper Hand” and to Preserve it. Many Narcissists become DANGEROUS when they lose the Upper Hand.

Premature “Friendship” or Premature “Intimacy” is often weaponized by Narcissists to disarm the Unsuspecting Target. Go back to “Stranger Danger.”

Stranger = Someone who has not passed your 12 Trials of Trust. Regardless of HOW nice they appear. Regardless of HOW LONG you have known them. Regardless of HOW you may be related.

Summary Thus Far

  • Generosity Weaponized
  • Peace Offerings Weaponized
  • Weaponized “Friendship”
  • Attack the Equal Footing
  • Indentured Servitude hidden in Generosity, Peace Offerings, and Gift Giving.
  • They Gift without VULNERABILITY
  • Gifting is used to manipulate Power within The Equal Footing
  • Learning requires Vulnerability. Narcissists don’t learn. Narcissists only teach without Consent.
  • They Condescend from their Upper Hand.
  • They do not teach or learn or trade on Equal Footing.


They Project Themselves and Their Point of View into your Experience, Truth, or Point of View and then they contradict you and tell you that you are wrong.

They Project Themselves into your Truth, Point of View, or Story into their own Point of View and then attack you.

Narcissists change the Words to Manipulate the Logic and Emotions inside the Word. Think of Words as “Spells” and, as we speak, we cast “Spells.” Narcissists interrupt “The Spell” mid-spell, and adjust your “spell” accordingly so that you cast the wrong spell to their advantage. This always ends in confusion on the Unsuspecting Target.

Question anyone who alters your “Spell work.”

The Trial of Job

There are fewer stories more misunderstood than the Book of Job.

Job loved God. The Devil challenged Job’s Love for God and said, “He only loves you because you have given him Abundance and Profit and Gain. Take away all that he has and he won’t love you… and I’ll prove it to you.”

So the Devil takes all that Job had to disprove Job’s Love.

Job then loses his children, family, wife, home, wealth, health, and eventually, his life.

I see a different translation behind the story. “God” is Ethical Love (Gifted Power). Devil is “Unethical and Nonconsensual Power = Force or “Forced Gift.”

Job stands and says, “I gain nothing from love. But still I love. This is love. To love without profit or gain. This is love.”

The moral of the story? If you want to know if someone loves you, take away all their profit and gain of knowing you. This is what we all endure in the 12 Stages of Suffering. This is why we lose those we love. Because they did not love us.

Only those who love you come back.

“How do you know they love you?”

Test them. Take away all that they get from you. Give them no profit or gain, and then you will see their truth.

Do they love you like Job? Or are they Narcissists?

Job = Friend = Truth

God Without – Sacrifice = Gifting = Emotional Transaction and Human Connection… They are making an Emotional Connection of Vulnerability to GOD…

God Within – Meditate = Pray = Manifest

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