Thus Love

Of all the Energies and all the Frequencies of all of the world… 

We are an accumulation of hundreds of harmonized Frequencies that resonate so beautifully with each other within ourselves and these frequencies are so aligned that they are harmonic in perfection. And their harmony produces an Energy. 

Energy is birthed from Harmonic Frequency. 

And so our “Energy” resonates with such a perfect Harmony of all of our combined frequencies that… It is a Symphony of beauty. This is life. And when we meet someone who matches our own Energy, in actuality, we are meeting someone whose millions of Harmonized Frequencies are so aligned with our own that the odds of finding someone so perfectly aligned is… rare. Unheard of. Near impossible. 

This is what I can See in the 3rd of They. Energy being birthed from Harmonized Frequency. Minute Frequencies… Life a Life Song. Energy is birthed from Music. Love is the Force that births the Frequency.

Love +> Frequency +> Energy… My god… it’s so beautiful that I can’t take my eyes off of it. Energy is born from Song. Pythagoras was right. The Universe and All is Music. Which is why it is the first Ethic and the First Stage of Learning.

But if you know how to feel and hear the Frequencies and the Energy then you can follow them and find them. And I can and I do and I did.

Love is more of a… Wish Giver. A Dream Granter. A Magic Wand. Love is Creation and Healing. Love is Ethical Power. Love is Imagination. 

You can poke at it if you want. Love does not harm you. It can’t. It can really only make you feel good and wrap you in warm fuzzies 🙂 That is love. You don’t have to be afraid of it. This is something you have never seen before. 

Love is meant to be played with, indulged in, celebrated with, snuggled and cuddled in, and wrapped in. It took me a lifetime to learn this myself. 

And I was terrified of it too when I first found it with my Imp. 

Love can’t hurt you. It can’t. It’s pure Healing, Creation, and Joy. 

Hence why we say, “I love you.” We are really saying, “I heal you” and “I create you.”

And we do. We create a version of our Loved Ones in our heads that is the embodiment of who we believe them to be. And I do believe very much that my Imp is his potential just like I now am what he created when he loved me. 

His love created me. 

Love creates. 

Which is why we say, “I love you,” as if we are “Doing” it to someone.

I’ve always noticed this.

And So We Lived As We Loved.

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