The Theory, Logic, Science of Manifestation and It’s Order of Operations

I have been waiting for this one.

For the record, it comes to you in the 3rd of They.

This is not a “Get Rich Quick.” Using it as a “Get Rich Quick: violates the laws of Mother Nature. And while you may “get lucky” on occasion, true Manifestation is all about the Consistency.

If you are trying to Manifest to Gain without the Value and Preservation of the Power of Others, then you’re wasting your Time.

It is faster for you to go through the 12th Ethical Stages twice, as you should be doing according to Mother Nature, than wasting your time trying to “hack” Mother Nature.

Try all you want, but without the 12 Ethics, Manifestation will not consistently work for you.

Manifestation will never work for assholes.

The formula for Manifestation is literally, my Scientific Method with Purpose.

The Manifestation Formula

Feelings of [Love + Appreciation + Joy] +> Trust of Delivery +> Excitement + Anticipation of Reception +> [Fantasy and Imagined Dreams + Make Believe] +> Vulnerability // Point of Materialization

Falling back into the arms of Mother Nature and being ready to DO and JUMP, ACT and MOVE according to her commands is vital to this process. You have to be willing to be her puppet.

Patience and Trust that what you desire will come to you according to the Universe’s Timing and not yours is the key that most people lack.

You are using your Power of Choice fueled by your Feelings (NOT your Emotions) to “steer” and “direct” and focus your Feelings into ACTION to get the desired result.

Saying words while you sit on your ass and do nothing is not how this works. How long a Manifestation takes is 100% in ration to how much preparation you have accomplished to meet the pre-requisites prior to your Manifestation. Hard Workers, Passionate Learners, and Highly Connected Networkers manifest MUCH faster than individuals who don’t work, aren’t connected, and who don’t learn.

Words are not the focus. Words are not required at all. Lucid Dreaming is Manifestation done by your Subconscious Mind. Deja Vu is the Arrival of your Subconscious Mind’s Manifestations.

Words are used to gently coax and “Summon” the correct Feelings in the right Order.

Vulnerability is the Submission and Surrender of Power required to Open to Receive.

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