Your Life Path: What It Is And How To Find It

Vitalogy = 42

Vitalogy: The Logic and Science of Life (The Logic and Science of You)

Life Vitalogy is the Science of study of the Relative Theme found in the Life subjects. It is Parenting, Relationships, Business, Networks, and how all of Life works in all the Sciences and at every level. It is often described as “This is all the stuff we should have learned in school and didn’t!”

It is the “Handbook” that every parent should get with every child. It is the “One” subject that all other subjects revolve around. It is “the glue” that holds all learning together.

It is Human Propagation. It is The Science of Comprehension. It is everything you needed to learn in school to survive, thrive, flourish, and Prosper in life, Money, Parenting, Problem Solving, and Relationships.

It is the Science and Execution of The Pursuit of Happiness.

Life Subjects (Theory):

Within the Life Subjects, the same Common Denominators surface over and over again, following the same mathematical Pattern and Sequencing, regardless of Levels of Study between Quantum, Micro, Meso, and Macro.

  • Physics – Dissection and Comprehension
  • Economics – Dissection and Comprehension
  • Chemistry – Dissection and Comprehension
  • Astronomy – Dissection and Comprehension
  • Biology – Dissection and Comprehension
  • Ontology – Dissection and Comprehension
  • Human Behavior – Dissection and Comprehension

The Common Denominators of The Life Subjects

Scientific Method, Reverse Engineering, The Human Atom, The AIDNS, Power Economics and The Emotional Transaction of Human Transactions and Human Circuitry, The Philosopher Compass, Cell Mitosis, and 12 Ethical Stages of Perspective Growth.

“Tool” Subjects (Technique)

  • Conversation – Connection and Communication and Translation (Audio Logic +> Imagination +> Story and Logic)
  • Improvisation – Connection and Communication and Translation (Intuition and Logic and Story Imagination +> Logic)
  • Theater and Stage – Connection and Communication and Translation (Logic +> Story Imagination)
  • Math – Connection and Communication
  • Logic – Connection and Communication
  • Reading – Connection and Communication and Translation (Logic +> Imagination)
  • Writing – Connection and Communication (Math and Logic and Story Imagination +> Medium) – Creation
  • Foreign Language – Translation (Logic +> Logic)
  • Drawing – Complex Translation (Optic Medium +> Imagination +> Medium) – Creation
  • Painting – Complex Translation (Optic Medium +> Imagination +> Medium) – Creation
  • Sculpting – Intuition and Imagination (Imagination +> Medium) – Creation
  • Dance – Intuition and Imagination (Imagination +> Medium) – Creation
  • Singing – Intuition and Imagination (Audio Imagination +> Medium) – Creation
  • Music – Intuition and Imagination (Audio Imagination +> Medium) – Creation

Application (Practice)

  • Use History to Focus Logic and Math in Application for Problem Solving and Logical Comprehension and Pattern Recognition
  • Use Story to Focus Logic and Math in Application for Problem Solving and Logical Comprehension and Pattern Recognition
  • Use to Music, Song, and Dance to Focus Intuition in Application for developing Intuition.
  • Use Music, Song, and Dance to Focus Imagination in Application for developing Imagination.
  • Use Theater and Stage to Focus Power Economics in Application for Communications and Connection.
  • Use Painting and Sculpting to Focus Translation in Application for Translation, Intuition, and Imagination.

The Subjects of Study is the “Workshop” to hone the skills you need in life. The focus and purpose is the Skill Development. The Subjects of Study are to be used to Define The Student. The Defined Student is more important than the Subjects learned. The lesson is “Who Are You?” and never, “What year was the Gettysburg Address?”

“Small Minds talk about people. Average Minds talk about Events. Great Minds talk about ideas.” – Unknown

The Subjects of Study are to Empower the Student when the Student Chooses their area of interest as a tool to Define who they are. The Student’s Empowerment through the Student’s Freedom to Choose is more important than “Who wrote the Declaration of Independence?”

The Classroom Environment

We need to rethink our Priorities when it comes to Education and Learning. The Modern Classroom literally compromises the Equal Footing, attacks the child’s Power, and resembles a prison and war zone where school shootings, bullying, and rape (yes, rape) are common and prevalent.

Plato’s Model

A Classroom to Free and Empower You. A Classroom to Nurture and Heal You. A Classroom to Nourish A Love of Learning and Growth.

  • Vulnerable and Adventure (Deep Learning) Sciences
  • Comfort Zone (Circle of Trust) Communications and Art
  • Genie Bottle (Isolation) (Self-Nurture) Art and Self-Retrospection and Processing

Tool: The Boundary and Freedom to Self-Regulate

These are the three “Head Spaces” that every human being requires. Consensual Learning only occurs in the “Adventure” Space. “Light” Learning occurs in the “Comfort Zone” usually with Art and Story.

Processing is a vital stage to learning that is not allowed in Modern Schools. When you Deep Learn, Process is the “Integration” where Information is turned into Intuition. It is True Learning.

All Of You

The next section covers “all the parts inside of you.” There are no rules. From each category, you can identify with one, multiple, or all of them. Listen to your Intuition. Follow your gut. If none of these seem to fit you, don’t worry. This is the Journey of Self Discovery, after all.

As you study Vitalogy more and more, your interests will awaken and you’ll “awaken and emerge.” To quote Da Vinci:

“To develop a complete mind: Study the science of art; Study the art of science. Learn how to see. Realize that everything connects to everything else.” – Leonardo DaVinci

Life View Point and Learning Style (How You Interpret The World)

Some people identify with 2 or 3 of these. Some identify with all of them. The “Philosopher” is the one who integrates them all.

  • Artist
  • Communicator
  • Scientist
  • Philosopher

Household Role

The key to life is learning how to shift and move as life requires it of you. Likewise, this is a case where “Opposites Attract” strongly applies. If you are a Provider, are you more attracted to Nurturers? If you are a Nurturer, is your partner a Provider? Everyone has all of these inside of us. The Warrior is not ideal, but, alas, it is often required of us. At times of peace, the Warrior in us should be “dormant.”

  • Nurture
  • Provider
  • Warrior

For comparison, I am 80% Provider and 20% Nurture. My Partner is 80% Nurturer and 20% Provider.

Societal Role (What Role Calls to you? How will you serve The Universe?)

You can pick and choose as many as you wish. Foundationals love to work with their hands and “get their hands dirty. They love to work “on the frontlines” with the people. Cultivators are almost always strong Communicators. They nurture the Network and are also solid translators. All Parents, Teachers, and Healers are Cultivators. Visionaries draw up the Blue Prints of life. They are the Innovators and Idea Generators. Pioneers push the Boundaries of Study and Explore new Intellectual terrain.

  • Foundation
  • Cultivator
  • Visionary
  • Pioneer

Skill Level (Understanding Your Educational Goal)

No one is born a master. Your Value is defined by your Power. Not by your Skills. Skills determine your Intuitive Level of anything and everything you study.

  • Apprentice
  • Tradesmen
  • Master
  • Philosopher

The 12 Ethical Stages of Perspective Growth (Which Perspective You View The World)

This is a precise Science. It is not something you “choose.” The 12 Ethics Choose you. You can only be in one Ethic at a single time. But you also have 3 Perspective Metrics inside of you at all times:

Your Authentic Ethic : Self-Preservation Ethic : Environmental Ethic

This list is not something for you “to choose.” It is just to give you snapshot of this vital piece of the full picture.

  • 1 – Courage
  • 2 – Vulnerability
  • 3 – Appreciation
  • 4 – Self-Control
  • 5 – Power through Choice
  • 6 – Equal Footing (Self-Value)
  • 7 – Reception
  • 8 – Transmission
  • 9 – Conscious Awareness of the Feelings of Others
  • 10 – Emotional Fluidity and Freedom
  • 11 – Logical Navigation
  • 12 – Integration of Emotional Navigation, Forgiveness, Self-Love

Responsibility of Teacher vs. Parent vs. Healer

To the Parent, I say this:

All children, all People are on a Life Journey. The steps of this Life Journey are first, to define the Self, to plot the journey and learn to Defend the Self. To venture out and learn how to sail and navigate, and to Propagate, Prosper, and Flourish.

Teachers do not get to choose what to teach your children. They don’t. What they teach is 100% dictated to them by their Employer: Your Government.

Instead of arguing with teachers about what they should or shouldn’t teach your children, instead of arguing with your children why their teachers did or “didn’t teach them this at school,” pause and take a knee.

The Schools do not currently teach these topics. You did not learn it. They did not learn it. Teachers do not teach it.

In the end, you have a choice to make: If you want your children to have this knowledge, you are going to have to step into the role of teacher and provide it to your children. They will not learn it any other way at this time.

I am currently putting together a PG “Child and Teen” version of Vitalogy. Until that happens, assume the role of “teacher” and pass it on.

The Cultivator’s Course in Triadic Healing Part #2 is designed with the Parent-Teacher-Healer in mind. In my opinion, there is no difference between the three nor should there be.

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