Little Choices vs. Big Choices: The Value of Your Time = Your Actual Worth

“The moment I realized I was worth $2,000+ an hour, I lost all value for the 9 – 5 job that couldn’t compete for my true value.” – Anna Imagination

People are not aware of how small Choices can effect their productivity or their lives.

Where do you go?

What people do you talk to?

Who do you give your time to?

What work do you do?

How much are you worth every hour?

What is your Value?

What is the dollar amount that you are not willing to waste?

Opportunity Cost: Am I at Prime Optimum Cost to ensure I am top Productivity?

Place a Monetary Value on every choice you make, which is determined by your Hourly Rate.

We are an accumulation of the smallest of all of our choices.

“Your hourly rate is whatever you choose it to be, whenever it is that you decide it to be.” – Anna Imagination

“What do you want to be worth?”

“What do you need to do to be worth X?”

“What number are you not willing to waste? That is your Hourly Rate.”

“If someone abuses you, and that abuse costs you a day to “recover,” and then you could sue him for damages, what number would “justify” the cost of your time? That is your true value.”

“Every time you talk to anyone, you risk them abusing you. What monetary value is worth the risk of being abused?”

“What is the cost of someone disrupting your Habits (AKA… Your Strategic Habit Schedule of Productivity)?”

“A Habit is a choice you have chosen to repeat because you value it.” – Anna Imagination

Are your habits product?

How are you habits contributing to your goals?

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