Fear-Driven Over-Ethical

This is a topic I have had in the back of my mind ever since I heard the word “Compersion.”

It’s an emotion that, for me, has a lot of red flags around it.

Emotions are introduced by Nature at certain Ethical Intervals. And while I was advancing through the 12 Ethical Stages, I kept my mind open for Compersion.

It never came. And that was the red flag.

Compersion is a “Man-Made” emotion. Not Nature Made. I kept my mind open, nevertheless, and waited for it to come to me. At 26 Levels of Consciousness in (That is the 2nd Ethic of the They of I) it *still* has not arrived.

Ethics and Emotions happen in a Sequence and an Order.

Compersion is illogical and does not follow Nature’s Sequence or Order.

The first Sequence focuses on Self-Love, Self-Control, Self-Building.

Then comes Self-Control, Self-Accountability, and Self-Value.

At Self-Accountability, a part of you “wakes up” and you become aware of others. You start to feel “bad”for the suffering of others and then you begin to make the conscious effort to not harm others.

We are now up to the 7th Ethical Stage of the I of I.

Then we get into Connection. Indulge on Receiving. Indulge on Transmitting. Finally, at the 9th Ethical Perspective, we get to Sharing. Sharing, Empathy, and having Conscious Foresight of others.

At the 12th level of the You of I, a new emotion filled me: The value and desire to preserve the Power of Choice in others as well as myself, came to me and overwhelmed me. It is still the core, governing ethic that I live by.

Compersion? Still has not arrived.

I *did* start to feel happy for others who I loved when they landed a victory. When I learned that my best friend had finally become a mother at 43 years old, I was filled with warmth, joy, and love for her knowing that she had finally received something she wanted very much.

But I would not at all call that emotion “Compersion.” Feeling “Happy” for others was not even possible until the You of I, where empathy and the 2nd Person Point of View is discovered.

The thing is, not everyone *feels* Compersion. Which means… it is inconsistent. Which means, it is Man-Made.

The thing is… the people who talked the most on Compersion, were stuck in the 6th Ethic at “Self-Matyrdom” because they were struggling to learn Self-Value.

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