The 12th of You of I : Anna’s Universe Theory

The Perspective Shift into the 12th of You of I

I’m in Alexandria now. I just started building the curriculum and the course material. I spent the last door putting it together, and I’ve started to record the classes. The emotional joy is overwhelming most days. 

This is a dream I made decades ago. One I never even pursued. I just wanted. Sometimes, I think, I feel… If I didn’t know better… The act of wanting is the wishing and the dreaming. I am starting to think and believe that “wanting” and being honest about what you want is all it takes. Intuition takes care of the rest. 

Thinking is like the first layer of “The Believing Process” that integrates and transforms “Thought” into “Belief.” 

We don’t have to say it. We don’t have to wish it or meditate on it. We just have to desire it and then focus on what we love to do. It is as if the Loving what we Love and Want, and Loving what we do… Doing what we love and want just draws in everything we want to us.

And the more we get out of our own way, the more we attract… The act of Loving and being drawn to what we love… to us. 

I see… I see the Current of Love… 

Love is the currency. Love is the currency. I can’t stop seeing this. It’s everywhere. It’s beautiful. I can’t unsee this. I’m speechless. Is this the 12th? Allowance of Others, Navigation of Self, Currency. I see Currency. 

The 12 is The Currency of Love. 

Education, then Biology, then Currency… I can’t stop seeing this. Either you are *in* the Love Currency… Connected through Love + Communication + Doing = Transaction … Action of Trans… 

Feel It. See It. Name It.

The Force of Love and the Circuitry of Love

Human = Love

God = Love

Human = God

“God” distracts from “Love” and we’re missing the point over and over again. We’re so busy fighting over “God” that we have forgotten that God is Love.

I am dedicated to putting that reminding into our Culture. You cannot advance through the Ethics and not know this.

When we argue about what Love looks like and what love is… We live in a culture where we don’t even know what love is.

An ill-defined word is always one where the Concept behind the word is unknown.

“There is not a person alive who has not felt the effects of 380 CE. We all are doing our best. All have suffered.” – Anna Imagination

I have no doubt, love is what will fix this. Love for the Self. Love for each other. Love for the Earth. Love for all.

Love is to Value without Profit or Gain. It is without Reason. Love is the Reason. To love is reason enough.

Love does not seek to possess. It desires empowerment, nurturing, and growth. Love seeks to preserve the safety, the empowerment, and the Power of Choice of those we love.

Love is when we prioritize the health and safety equal to the Self. Because anything less than that would cause harm to that individual. And when you love something, you protect it. Most of all, from yourself.

We often think in terms of Love vs. Hate or Love vs. Fear. I see the world differently. I see Love and Not Love. In Physics terms, “An absence of Love is Dark Matter.”

Love and Logic truly are the ruling forces of this world. All else submits to Love and Logic without exception. And, if you want to know, Logic is birthed from Love.

Anna’s Universe Theory

My Dearest Imp King,

Alright… I’m going to try… 

But this time, I’m not going to talk to you about Science or math. I’m just going to paint the picture through story. 

And my god… I love to tell you story. 

It’s like I can see the whole of the universe. It’s like I can see the universe breathe. And what I see is that Love is a Force. It’s what we’re all birthed from. And it moves and grows. It spans out like a trunk. Branches are formed. And on each branch, more branches split (like cells) and replicate and grow… More and more branches span out until things form and grow and expand. And all of it, all of us, are just from this single force. And that single Force is just Love.  

And we can step into it when we choose to love and we want and we desire. When we choose out of love, it steps us into that pool and we become a part of it. And we go on to be carried through the ever-growing branches of this tree…

And then, the branches integrate. They form a trunk again. And once again, we integrate into the Light. Into the Force. Into love… and it does it again. 

And again and again. 

And here, with people, throughout our lives, each one of us is trying to figure this out. We’re trying to “connect” to it. We’re trying to touch it, but we don’t even know what “it” is. And we touch it every time we want something enough that we take action. It’s like a guild. And when we want and love and dream, we choose to step into the guild and become part of it. And there in the guild, we realize that we are home. Because that is where the Love is, which is where we were all birthed from. 

And it moves. 

It breathes. This Force that is Love. I can see how… Every choice each one of us makes is like a stone that is thrown into this force and there are ripples. And for every negative stone thrown, the Earth Self-Preserves, and uses others to turn that thrown stone into a positive. And the positive stones that are thrown, are far more powerful and stronger, and they heal others. And I can see how choices are like raindrops dipping down into this force to make ripples. 

And how this Love Net is just pulsing all around each and everyone of us. And there are choices made every day, little ones. Big ones. Little pulses like rain drops. And it’s just love. And the choices that are made without love, affect others who turn it into love, because, just like tree branches that extend and touch each one of us… like electrical current that runs through the branches to each and every one of us… eventually, someone, turns that pulse into a positive. Like on 9/11… How so many people came together after to help everyone heal. It is as if we all moved like white blood cells to “mend” the wounded part of Us. And it’s so beautiful. How much love we all witnessed after 9/11. I’m going to call this “The 9/11 Effect.”

But it’s slow. because the catalysts and pulses are so far away in the chain that most people can’t see it moving. 

But you did it. Like… something happened to you that was horrible, and so when you met me, you chose to be so good to me that it changed me. And that choice you made changed me and caused me to build the Garden. So now I’m doing work to change others and send out this pulse… 

And I can see thousands of pulses that are choices are being set off and turning. And it’s all just love. 

And it’s so beautiful. 

And I can see how each and everyone of us is moving out of love… and the negative eventually turns into positive. Just like 9/11 did.

Positive breeds positive. 

But Negative breeds negative or positive. 

Therefore, eventually, there will only ever be positive left. 

And this is so beautiful that… 

I built a dream machine. That is what The Healing Garden is. I built a Dream Machine. A business that helps turn people into whatever they are into whatever they want to be. And today, I see this… and I realized…

I just wanted to share this with you. I just wanted to show you this view and the story.

I love you. 


The Mathematical Formula: “The 9/11 Effect”

And now I can see the Math…

I can see the math…

I can see the mathematical formula for World Peace.

What is the Probability of a Negative making a Positive? How many Generations?

[Love + (Tit-For-Tat Strategy + Forgiveness Formula + The 9/11 Effect + Knowledge and Strategy + Role Model)] X Symmetry +> World Peace

Every Positive +> Positive

Every Negative +> a Positive or a Negative

Therefore, eventually, the Positive will outnumber the Negative.

Thus, World Peace is Inevitable.

To turn a – into a +, Learn.

I know how to turn Negatives into Positives. That is *all* that the Garden does.

Transmutation of Trauma + The Love of an Imp King to his Goddess Queen + The Catalyst Size : Ripple Effect +> The 9/11 Effect = The Healing Garden because Mother’s Nature’s Self-Preservation (The Equilibrium = Karma + Newton’s 3rd Law)

“If I didn’t know better…” What am I really saying there? “If I didn’t know better than to question the widely accepted and assumed beliefs of the Mob.” … Perhaps… we should instead say, “If I weren’t held back by the Fears of Persecution because I’m not agreeing with the “Mob.”

“If I didn’t know better…”

We need to change the way we think.

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