Christianity From the 12th Perspective: Christian Philosophy vs. Dogma

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The goal and purpose is not to convince you, but to shed light on what we do in Science. The goal and purpose is to invite you in, much like a “tour” inside Science. Showing you what it is we do without seeking to indoctrinate you.

“For people who believe their Truth is True, then Proof should not be something they Fear, but should Welcome.”

Fear is always at the core of Not Knowing and lacking Information.

For people who Believe on Faith, “Proof” and “Logic” can be terrifying as it is an “Unknown.”

“Will Proof and Logic and Science shake my Faith and Belief?”

“Does Proof deny Faith?”

“What happens in “Proof” and “Logic?”

“What will happen to my Faith if I venture down this road?”

“Is it a sin to have Proof before Belief?”

These are all the questions I address here.

Faith is required for Proof. Proof is dependent on Faith. Without Proof, Faith is unstable, which is why people who have Faith without Proof often approach “Proof” with such aggression.

Without attacking, touching, or breaking down your Faith, here I present the Process of Proof, what it is, and How Scientists use it. How you can use it to fortify your Faith without threatening your Faith.

“True Faith is believing that, no matter what, the answers will take you back to God.”

“True Faith is knowing that, no matter what path or road you or others choose to take, all roads will lead back to God.”

“Those who feel threatened by Science, Logic, and Proof are those with the least amount of Faith in their Faith. Otherwise, why would they fear?”

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