Alexandria’s Learning Structure

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Anna Imagination is a firm believer that the Human Mind evolved to learn, if only “Groomed Adults” conditioned by Societal Expectations would get out of the way.

For this reason, 100% of the Learning Structure in Alexandria is modeled after Mother Nature’s Balance of

Self-Mother or Self-Nurture +> Explorative Adventure Play +> Self-Reflection and Safety.

Our Philosophers and Discipuli are encouraged to follow their Intuitional needs, choosing between “Safe Room” with Friends, “Discovery Center” with Integration Social Exposure, and “The Genie Bottle” for Isolated Quiet and Self Care.

Among these three atmospheres, Alexandrian’s abandon the Societal Imposed “Material Time” and they enter Mother Nature “Abstract Time,” where a life is lived free of Urgency, Clocks, and Dead lines.

Learning, Education, and The Advancement of The Human Mind balanced with Optimum Mental Wealth.

At Alexandria, Power of Choice and Self-Authority is preserved.

We all live by the “Self-Governed Party of Ethical Law and Natural Order” where everyone enables the self, while empowering others to self-enable.

Self-Regulation, Discernment, and Vulnerability are integrated to learn the value of Trust.

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